Inspira Technology Collaboration with Ciamis Government in Making Educational 3D Printers

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The first 3D printer factory in Indonesia is being constructed by PT Inspira Kreatif Infinia, also known to as Inspira Technology. They do more than just construct; they also created the printer and all of its parts.

The manufacturing goal for this factory, which is near Jakarta, is 500 units per month by 2022. They will concentrate their manufacturing for now on serving the Indonesian market, but they intend to export the 3D printer to other countries in 2023.

Contributed to Indonesian Education 

Inspira Academy actually does more than simply distribute 3D printers. In the past, they have also created a STEAM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) based curriculum called 3D Pintar that is ready to be used at various levels of education in Indonesia, from kindergarten to high school.

Inspira Academy doesn’t just offer printers, it also focuses on e-learning programs with printer support. then they provide the necessary supplies so that target consumers, as well as educators and students, can empower 3D machines for STEAM innovation and education.

Contributed to Indonesian Workers

They also create training materials for the industry for freelancers using an internet system that is accessible from anywhere at any time. Sugianto Kolim, the founder of Inspira Academy, claims that he is able to distribute regional 3D printers because practically all of their plastic parts are produced by highly accurate industrial 3D printer machines. Therefore, the likelihood and risk of damage can be reduced as a result of the precision manufacturing.

Collaboration with Local Government

source : Youtube Harapan Rakyat

Inspira Academy and Ciamis Regency have worked together, specifically on the use of 3D printing in human resource development through the “STEAM-based Educator Competency Improvement” campaign created by Dr.H. Herdiat Sunarya, Regent of Ciamis.

The program will be implemented in stages over 3 years in collaboration with Inspira Academy through a competency improvement program in 2021 that will have applied 3D printed knowledge in STEAM Education for 1000 teachers.

The teacher will receive learning from Inspira Academy, and it is believed that the teaching staff will be able to guide their students. The Ciamis Regency Government and Inspira worked together for a number of years. The first batch will actually happen in 2021, followed by the second group in 2022. Additionally, they distributed 300 units of the Galuh edition Smart 3D printer, a produced locally printer created especially for the elementary, middle, and high schools in Ciamis Regency.

Cost of 3D Printers

According to Sugianto Kolim, the founder of Inspira Academy, the cost of training was set at IDR 3 million for one month, and printers were provided at no cost, for the direct consumers only. Of course, the cost will differ for schools as a result of the longer curriculum and the need to provide teachers with training. 

As a result of their confidence that the interesting trend has excellent potential and is required by the sector on both a small and a large scale, Inspira Academy takes this market very seriously. As a result, we created this national 3D printer ecosystem for education and industry using educational resources, certifications, and 3D printers.